Jelenlegi kutatási tevékenységek:

  • Determination of the microscopic structure of disordered materials using diffraction methods and computer modelling (primarily Reverse Monte Carlo, RMC). Systems studied include:
    • Covalent glasses, such as simple oxide glasses, multi-component borosilicate based glasses and chalcogenide glasses.
    • Metallic glasses (amorphous metallic alloys).
    • Simple molecular liquids.
    • Aqueous solutions.
  • Atomic and magnetic structure of nano- and microcrystalline oxide materials.
  • Residual stress and texture investigations, using high resolution neutron diffraction.
  • Development of the Reverse Monte Carlo method of structural modelling.


  • PSD two-axis neutron diffractometer with position sensitive detectors.
  • MTEST neutron diffractometer.
  • NRAD neutron radiography station, in cooperation with the KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute.