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Nemzetközi pályázatok

 EC pályázatok

EURATOMEuropean Communities under the contract of Association between EURATOM and the Hungarian Academy of SciencesS. Zoletnik1999 - 2020
ERC-StG 259709, X-cited!Electronic transitions and bistability: states, switches, transitions and dynamics studied with high-resolution X-ray spectroscopyG. Vankó2010 - 2015
EC FP7 C 262025 AIDAAdvanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at AcceleratorsF. Siklér2011 - 2015
COST Action MP1006Fundamental Problems in Quantum PhysicsL. Diósi2011 - 2015
EU FP7 NMP-2011-LARGE-5/280421EXOMET: Physical processing of molten light alloys under the influence of external fieldsL. Gránásy2012 - 2016
HoloGrav ESF NetworkHolographic methods for strongly coupled systemsZ. Bajnok2012 - 2016
COST Action MP1101Biomedical Applications of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma TechnologyK. Kutasi2012 - 2015
EU-FP7-NMI3-II, No. 283883Neutron Scattering and Muon Spectroscopy Integrated Initiative: Neutron diffraction L. Temleitner, L. Rosta2012 - 2015
COST Action TD1208Electrical discharges with liquids for future applicationsK. Kutasi, I. Korolov2013 - 2016
EU COST MP1304NewCompStar actionG.G. Barnaföldi, M. Vasúth2013 - 2017
EU FP7 No. 611143DIADEMS-Diamond devices enabled metrology and sensingA. Gali2013 - 2017
EUROFUSION CfP-WP14-ER-01/CEA-12Towards Demonstration of Inertial Fusion for Energy (ToIFE)I. Földes (part of a consortium)2014 - 2017
EUROFUSION WPMST2 Preparation of Exploitation of Medium-Size Tokamaks (Fast-ion loss detector developments)S. Zoletnik2014 - 2016
EUROFUSION WPSAPreparation of Exploitation of JT-60SA (BES diagnostic feasibility study)D. Dunai, T. Szepesi2014 - 2016
FP7-2012-ICT-FI GA-604590European Public-Private-Partnership on Future InternetG. Vattay (node coordinator)2014 - 2015
H2020 GA 643476 COMPARE COllaborative Management Platform for detection and Analyses of (Re-)emerging and foodborne outbreaks in EuropeI. Csabai2014 - 2019
EUROFUSION: WPJET1JET CampaignsD. Varga2014 - 2018
AIDA2020Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators, WP13D. Varga2015 - 2018
TET14FR_C85E25D3_eBrainMultiscale and multimodal analyses of brain signals using new neuro-probesL. Négyessy2015 - 2016
EC H2020 654028IPERION CH: Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure on Culture Heritage L. Rosta, E. Szilágyi, 2015 - 2019
TÉT_13_DST-1-2013-0017(Hungarian - Indian) Development and technology transfer for marketable components of cold neutron moderator and beam extraction systems at advanced neutron sourcesL. Rosta2015 - 2017
BrightnESS H2020Building a Research Infrastructure and Synergies for Highest Scientific Impact on ESSD. Varga, L. Rosta2015 - 2018
Europlanet  H2020  RIEurope's community for planetary scienceK. Szegő, A. Opitz2015 - 2019

 TéT pályázatok

TÉT_12_FR-2-2014-0034Phase-field modelling of polycrystalline and multi-phase solidificationT. Pusztai2012 - 2015
TéT Chinese-Hungarian TET_12_CN_D0524D1EunknownP. Lévai2013 - 2015
NFÜ-TéT-CN (Hungarian-Chinese bilateralNonlinear structures in mesogensÁ. Buka2013 - 2015
TéT_12_FR-1-2013-0019French-Hungarian Bilateral grant with the University de Bourgogne, Dijon, FranceG.P. Dzsotjan2013 - 2015
TéT_10-1-2011-0725 Austro-Hungarian Bilateral Co-operation, Study of optical properties of aerosols and their climate relevance with dual wavelength optical particle spectrometerA. Nagy2013 - 2015
TéT_12_MX-1-2013-0003 Hungarian-Mexican bilateralL. Pusztai2015 - 2016

 H.A.S. pályázatok

MTA-SAS (Hungarian-Slovak bilateral)Nanoparticles in anisotropic soft matterT. Tóth-Katona2013 - 2015
MTA-ASCR (Hungarian-Czech bilateral)Photosensitive mesogenic monomersT. Tóth-Katona2013 - 2015
MTA-INSA (Hungarian-Indian bilateral)Dynamics of soft condensed matterN. Éber2013 - 2015
MTA SNK-66 2013Thermal and mechanical phenomena in media with multiscale microstructureP.Ván, J.Engelbrecht2013 - 2015
MTA SNK-64/2013Infrared, ESR and NMR spectroscopy of functional insulators in magnetic fieldsK. Penc2013 - 2015
MTA SNK-63/2013Investigation of the short- and long range order in multifunctional materialsE. Sváb2013 - 2015

 URKUT pályázatok

URKUT_ 10-1-2011-023Participation in the preparation of the ROY mission planned by the Russian Space AgencyJ. Nagy2013 - 2015
URKUT_10-1-2012-0001Development of the on-board computer of the OBSTANOVKA experiment for the ISSSGF Technological Designer Ltd., subcontractor: J. Nagy2013 - 2015

 Egyéb nemzetközi pályázatok

Marie Curie Grant PIRG-GANumerical study of dynamics and magnetic properties of strongly correlated electron systemsA. Kiss2011 - 2015
PECS 4200098078Participation in the development of the CDMS for the Rosetta LanderS. Szalai2011 - 2015
ITER F4E-FPA-328 Fusion for EnergyTokamak Services for DiagnosticsG. Veres2012 - 2016
ESA PECS 4200098091Participation in the SERENA/PICAM instrument on MPO of the BepiColombo missionS. Szalai2013 - 2015
ESA PECS 4200098074Participation in VenusExpress missionS. Szalai2013 - 2015
ESA PECS 4200098080Participation in the development of the RPC experiment on board for Roseta OrbiterS. Szalai2013 - 2015
ESA PECS 4000109793Participation in the JUICE mission (as subcontractor to the SGF Ltd.)S. Szalai2013 - 2017
SCOPES 152601Preparation for and exploitation of the CMS data taking at the next LHC run (Swiss National Science Foundation)G. Dissertori ETHZ, subcontractor: F. Siklér2014 - 2017
ITER F4E-FPA-384 BolometersT. Ilkei (part of a consortium)2014 - 2018
Marie Curie IEF fellowshipObservatoire de Paris (Meudon)Gy. Fodor2014 - 2016
MPS Partner Group GrantUltrafast strong-field nanoplasmonicsP. Dombi2014 - 2019
HOYA - Wigner RCPMeasurements of industrial indoor aerosol pollutionA. Czitrovszky2014 - 2015
ESA PECSRosetta Plasma ConsortiumK. Szegő2015 - 2015
ESA PECSCluster Science Data SystemM. Tátrallyay2015 - 2017
ESA PECS 40000110759/11/NL/KMLGRADECET-Phase-field modelling of columnar to equiaxed transition with fluid flowL. Gránásy2015 - 2016
ESA PECS 40000110756/11/NL/KMLMAGNEPHAS III – Modelling of growth and transformation kineticsL. Gránásy2015 - 2016

Hazai pályázatok

 OTKA pályázatok

OTKA K 81461Two dimensional quantum field theories and their applicationsZ. Bajnok2010 - 2015
OTKA K-81348Ultrafast diffraction imaging of single particlesM. Tegze2010 - 2015
OTKA K 83267Relativistic particle systemsJ. Balog2011 - 2015
OTKA K 83858Quantum optical and quantum information processing networks and their nonclassical propertiesT. Kiss2011 - 2015
OTKA K 84078Magnetic, mechanical and thermal properties of alloys and their surfacesB. Újfalussy2011 - 2015
OTKA K 83390Resonant optical processes in solidsL. Kovács2011 - 2015
OTKA K 83529Investigations concerning the structure of complex liquidsL. Pusztai2011 - 2015
OTKA NK 106119Attometer physics phenomena: experimental and theoretical studies at the CERN LHC ALICEP. Lévai2012 - 2016
OTKA K 100908Simulating strongly correlated systems with fermionic alkaline earth atom isotopes in optical lattices and related quantum chemistry of transition metal complexesÖ. Legeza2012 - 2016
OTKA K 101819Design, fabrication and analysis of luminescent silicon carbide nanocrystals for in vivo biomarker applicationsA. Gali, L. Bencs2012 - 2016
OTKA NN 103150Dusty plasma: a laboratory for classical many-particle physicsP. Hartmann2012 - 2015
OTKA K 104531High and low-frequency discharges for biomedical applications and nanostructuringK. Kutasi2012 - 2016
OTKA PD 104652Realization of strongly correlated matter by ultracold atomsG. Szirmai2012 - 2015
OTKA K 101709Nonlinear interactions of waves and particles in field theories, and their physical consequences in astrophysics and cosmologyP. Forgács2012 - 2016
OTKA NK 106119Attometer physics phenomena: theoretical and experimental studies at the CERN LHC ALICE experimentP. Lévai2012 - 2016
OTKA K 104260Particles and intense fieldsConsortium leader: T.S. Biró2012 - 2016
OTKA NK 101438Search for the critical point and new ranges of QCD in the PHENIX experiment of the RHIC, and TOTEM experiment of the LHC accelerators.T. Csörgő2012 - 2015
OTKA K 104696Electrodeposition of special magnetic materials from nonaqueous solutionsL. Péter2012 - 2016
OTKA PD-106130Generation of highly luminescent colour centers in nanocrystalline diamondS. Tóth2012 - 2015
OTKA K 101225Fabrication of integrated optical elements via ion beam implantation and irradiation for telecommunication applicationsI. Bányász2012 - 2015
OTKA K 109462Theoretical investigations of the strongly interacting matter produced at FAIR (CBM, PANDA) and NICA (Dubna)Gy. Wolf2012 - 2016
OTKA K 103917Antimatter investigations at the CERN Antiproton-DeceleratorD. Horváth2012 - 2015
OTKA K 101456Mössbauer and Magnetic Study of Intermetallic CompoundsI. Vincze2012 - 2016
OTKA K 109703Consortional main: Hungary in the CMS experiment of the Large Hadron ColliderF. Siklér2013 - 2016
OTKA K 108384Investigation of quantum symmetries by category theoryG. Böhm2013 - 2017
OTKA K 109577Ordering and dynamics in many body systemsF. Iglói2013 - 2017
OTKA K 109570Fundamentals of complex, multi-component metallic alloysL. Vitos2013 - 2017
OTKA K 106047Correlated states and excitations in d- and f-electron systems and ultracold Fermi gasesK. Penc2013 - 2017
OTKA NK 105691Science in nanolaboratoriesK. Kamarás2013 - 2017
OTKA NN 107737Anisometric granular materialsT. Börzsönyi2013 - 2016
OTKA NN 110672 (EU M-ERA.NET FP7)Magnetically active anisotropic composite systemsT. Tóth-Katona2013 - 2016
OTKA K 109257Time-resolved investigation of functional molecules and metal nanoparticlesP. Dombi2013 - 2017
OTKA NN 110360Generalized tensor methods in quantum chemistryÖ. Legeza2013 - 2016
OTKA K 106114Development of novel silicon carbide nanomarkers and more effective glutamate and GABA uncaging materials for measurement of neuronal network activity and dendritic integration with three-dimensional real-time two-photon microscopyA. Gali2013 - 2017
OTKA K 105476High performance modelling and simulation of low-temperature and strongly coupled plasmasZ. Donkó2013 - 2016
OTKA NN 109651Iterative dynamics of quantum systems: non-classical properties, applications for modelling physical systems and optical realisations T. Kiss2013 - 2017
OTKA K 108384A categorical study of quantum symmetries and their applications G. Böhm2013 - 2017
OTKA ANN-107580Nanoscale investigation of molecular scaffoldingK. Kamarás2013 - 2016
OTKA K 109312Holographic solution to measure theoriesÁ. Hegedűs2013 - 2015
OTKA K 109257 Time-resolved investigation of functional molecules and metal nanoparticles P. Dombi2014 - 2019
OTKA PD 109472 Ultrafast processes in nanolocalized electromagnetic fieldsP. Rácz2014 - 2017
OTKA K 111697Group-theoretic aspects of integrable systems and their dualitiesL. Fehér2014 - 2018
OTKA PD 116892Compact binary gravitational waves, parameter estimationB. Mikóczi2015 - 2018
OTKA K 115624Open quantum system dynamics in the ultrastrong coupling regimeP. Domokos2015 - 2019
OTKA K 115434Developing and applying new methods to solving the Cauchy problem in general relativityM. Vasúth2015 - 2019
OTKA K 113145Micro-electric imaging: modeling, source reconstruction and causality analysis for multi-electrode arraysZ. Somogyvári2015 - 2018
OTKA K 115632Magnetism and superconductivity in intermetallic nanocompositesB. Újfalussy, in consortium with BME2015 - 2019
OTKA K 112811Magnetic multilayers modified by amorphous alloysJ. Balogh2015 - 2018
NKFIH K-115805Complex plasmas in actionP. Hartmann2015 - 2019

 Momentum pályázatok

Momentum 2011Quantum Measurement Theory in Hybrid Mesoscopic Couplers and NetworksP. Domokos2011 - 2015
Momentum 2012Holography and the gauge/gravity dualityZ. Bajnok2012 - 2017
Momentum 2012Optimal computations by stochastic dynamicsG. Orbán2012 - 2017
Momentum 2012Tensor factorization in high-dimensional spaces and applications to ultracold atomic systems and transition metal complexesÖ. Legeza2012 - 2017
Momentum 2013Development of novel gas-filled particle detectors that give precise image of the way and direction of all types of ionising radiationsD. Varga2013 - 2018
Momentum 2013Functional molecules caught in the act: Electronic structure – function relationships studied by femtosecond spectroscopyG. Vankó2013 - 2018
Momentum 2014Investigation of nanooptical, nanophysical interaction processesP. Dombi2014 - 2019

 Wigner Research Group pályázatok

WRG-2015Study of hadron formation, hadronization and field theory models in high energy collisions 2.G. Barnaföldi2015 - 2015
WRG-2015Quantum symmetriesG. Böhm2015 - 2015
WRG-2015Space physics groupZ. Németh2015 - 2015
WRG-2015Pellet and video diagnostics groupT. Szepesi2015 - 2015
WRG-2015Partially ordered systems groupT. Börzsönyi2015 - 2015
WRG-2015Electrodeposited nanostructures groupL. Péter2015 - 2015
WRG-2015Gold and diamond nanostructures for diagnostic applicationsM. Veres2015 - 2015
WRG-2016Theoretical neuroscience and nomplex systems groupZ. Somogyvári2016 - 2016
WRG-2016Pellet and videodiagnostics groupT. Szepesi2016 - 2016
WRG-2016Gravitational physics groupM. Vasúth2016 - 2016
WRG-2016Complex systems groupR. Juhász2016 - 2016
WRG-2016Quantum informatics and quantum mechanics groupT. Kiss2016 - 2016
WRG-2016Long-range order in condensed sytems groupB. Újfalussy2016 - 2016
WRG-2016Nanostructures and applied spectroscopy groupM. Veres2016 - 2016

 HAS pályázatok

HAS Infrastructure GrantEstablishing a service laboratory for optical measurementsA. Czitrovszky2014 - 2015
HAS Infrastructure GrantDevelopment of ultrafast high-resolution instrumentationP. Dombi, Gy. Vankó2015 - 2015
HAS Infrastructure GrantMicro-X-ray tube for XRFZ. Szőkefalvi-Nagy2015 - 2015
HAS Infrastructure GrantDeposition of aerosols (supplement)A. Nagy2015 - 2015

 Egyéb hazai pályázatok

TECH-09-A2-2009-0134Development of fiber integrated nonlinear microendoscope for pharmacological and diagnostic examinations based on novel fiber laser technologyR. Szipőcs2009 - 2015
NFÜ-MAG ZRt. KMR_12-1-2012-0226Development of components for new generation neutron research instrumentationL.Rosta, L. Péter2012 - 2015
KMR_12-1-2012-0226Development of components for new generation neutron research instrumentationL. Rosta2012 - 2015
KTIA_AIK_12-1-2012-0019Theoretical and experimental Investigation of aerosol deposition in human airways in case of lung diseasesA. Nagy2013 - 2015
KTIA NAP-13-B National Brain Research ProgramG. Orbán2013 - 2015
TÁMOP-4.1.1.C-12/1/KONV-2012-0005Preparation for educational and R&D activities related to the Hungarian ELI project in the concerned sectorsM. Veres, A. Czitrovszky2014 - 2015
KTIA NAP-13-A-I/16National Brain Research Program, - Neuronal myelinization and nitric-oxide dynamics studied by CARS microscopyR. Szipőcs2014 - 2017
EXMET 93010-14Development of interferometric measurement methodsA. Czitrovszky2014 - 2015