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 EC pályázatok

EURATOMEuropean Communities under the contract of Association between EURATOM and the Hungarian Academy of SciencesS. Zoletnik1999 - 2020
H2020 GA 643476 COMPARE COllaborative Management Platform for detection and Analyses of (Re-)emerging and foodborne outbreaks in EuropeI. Csabai2014 - 2019
EUROFUSION: WPJET1JET CampaignsD. Varga2014 - 2018
AIDA2020Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators, WP13D. Varga2015 - 2018
EC H2020 654028IPERION CH: Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure on Culture Heritage L. Rosta, E. Szilágyi, 2015 - 2019
BrightnESS H2020Building a Research Infrastructure and Synergies for Highest Scientific Impact on ESSD. Varga, L. Rosta2015 - 2018
Europlanet  H2020  RIEurope's community for planetary scienceK. Szegő, A. Opitz2015 - 2019

 TéT pályázatok

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 H.A.S. pályázatok

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 URKUT pályázatok

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 Egyéb nemzetközi pályázatok

ITER F4E-FPA-384 BolometersT. Ilkei (part of a consortium)2014 - 2018
MPS Partner Group GrantUltrafast strong-field nanoplasmonicsP. Dombi2014 - 2019

Hazai pályázatok

 OTKA pályázatok

OTKA K 109257 Time-resolved investigation of functional molecules and metal nanoparticles P. Dombi2014 - 2019
OTKA K 111697Group-theoretic aspects of integrable systems and their dualitiesL. Fehér2014 - 2018
OTKA PD 116892Compact binary gravitational waves, parameter estimationB. Mikóczi2015 - 2018
OTKA K 115624Open quantum system dynamics in the ultrastrong coupling regimeP. Domokos2015 - 2019
OTKA K 115434Developing and applying new methods to solving the Cauchy problem in general relativityM. Vasúth2015 - 2019
OTKA K 113145Micro-electric imaging: modeling, source reconstruction and causality analysis for multi-electrode arraysZ. Somogyvári2015 - 2018
OTKA K 115632Magnetism and superconductivity in intermetallic nanocompositesB. Újfalussy, in consortium with BME2015 - 2019
OTKA K 112811Magnetic multilayers modified by amorphous alloysJ. Balogh2015 - 2018
NKFIH K-115805Complex plasmas in actionP. Hartmann2015 - 2019

 Momentum pályázatok

Momentum 2013Development of novel gas-filled particle detectors that give precise image of the way and direction of all types of ionising radiationsD. Varga2013 - 2018
Momentum 2013Functional molecules caught in the act: Electronic structure – function relationships studied by femtosecond spectroscopyG. Vankó2013 - 2018
Momentum 2014Investigation of nanooptical, nanophysical interaction processesP. Dombi2014 - 2019

 Wigner Research Group pályázatok

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 HAS pályázatok

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 Egyéb hazai pályázatok

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